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At Boada Associats S.L.P we offer a comprehensive advisory service to companies and individuals in the tax, commercial, labor, accounting and civil fields. Our priority is to always offer a quality and professional service, 100% personalized and adapted to the needs of each client.

Spanish Tax System

  • Tax advice service for business: Corporations, Institutions, Inc.
  • Direct and indirect Taxation
  • Patrimonial consulting.
  • Succession Plans
  • Consulting in some public procedures: tax offices. Management, tax collection, and tax inspections.
  • Claims in administrative courts, Appeals against acts of the public authorities.
  • Analysis of the tax news: Laws, Statutory instruments, news, prospective advice.

Commercial Law

  • Corporate law: Incorporation of companies and corporations; operations of capital: increase and                         reduction, dissolution and liquidation of companies. Consulting of statutes
  • Corporate restructuring. Corporate pacts and Family protocols.
  • All kinds of mercantile contracts
  • Procedures related to the efficacy, enforcement, interpretation, termination and rescission of contracts.
  • Drawing-up of articles of association, appointments of positions and granting of powers of attorney.

Labour Law

  • All sorts of contracts in light of the needs of every company. Register , started and finished for business           enterprises, and for self-employed, house keeper, artists and athletes.
  • Management of the payslip and deductions related to the employees’ incomes.
  • Request for foreing’s work permission.
  • Preparation and advice on Labor Spanish Law: contract types of employment. Working out on the every              month payslip and certificates. Fees, salaries, accounts.
  • Collective agreements and mediation. Representation and defence of appeals and claims against the                labour authorities. Consultancy and strategies in negotiation procedures with Trade Union.

Accounting Area

  • Advising on Business accounting related to accounting obligations.
  • Accounting review.
  • Public registers, accountancy.
  • Ledger entries and accounting books.

Civil and Family Law

  • Civil contracts.
  • Testate and intestate successions.
  • Community property, and civil societies.
  • Wills, inheritances, legacies and donations.
  • Quantities complaints.
  • Defence of all kinds of judicial proceedings of civil nature.


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