The team


Boada Associats, S.L.P is a firm of professionals, economists and advisers, dedicated to providing comprehensive advice to companies in Barcelona. Our firm delivers advice across the legal areas, particularly in Business Law, advising in the tax area, mercantile law, labour law, accounting and civil areas. The kind of services that we offer are directed to legal entities (business and individuals), as well as individual persons.

We are registered at the professional college of “Economistes” and “Advocats”. We also are members of the “Associació Espanyola d’Assessors Fiscals” (AEDAF).

In order to offer a comprehensive service, close and adapted to the needs of our clients, the Boada Associats S.L.P team is made up of highly qualified professionals. Economists, lawyers and graduates in business sciences, among others, work every day to guarantee the success of our clients.


We maintain professional collaboration agreements and alliances with various specialists in the legal sector in labor, economic, civil and commercial matters, which are complementary to those we carry out.

In 2015 Boada Associats S.L.P. joins the alliance of independent firms ” Legal Expert consulting “, reinforcing one of our purposes: global advice

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